It’s Christmas every day at Fullers

Monday, July 10, 2023

Leigh Clare
by Leigh Clare

We celebrate Christmas all year round here at Fullers. That’s because we start working on festive food development and production for our retailer partners 15 months in advance. 

A continuous process

Forget about the 12 days of Christmas – here at Fullers, it’s more like the 15 months of Christmas. We start work on Christmas in October of the previous year, embarking on an industry-leading process with all of our retail partners to bring their festive ranges to market.

First, we create a menu of products with our retail partners to create their Christmas party offering – we’re talking everything from vegan appetisers to pigs in blankets. Then, the products are developed in the summer before Christmas, ensuring it’s ready to hit retailers’ shelves in time for the busy Christmas period. Just as Christmas is launched in-store, it’s time for us to do the same thing all over again for the following year!

Keeping retailers in stock

Christmas is the busiest time of the year for retailers, so it’s important that we keep them stocked up and ready to meet customer demand. Staying on top of all packed stock, packaging and product is crucial from start to finish so that nothing is wasted, and customers can buy what they need before the big day.

It’s estimated that almost 130 million individual pigs in blankets are eaten on Christmas Day – and more than 40 million of these are frozen! To ensure we can cater to the masses, we start building stock of key products like pigs in blankets and Yorkshire puddings as early as May.

Firm favourites and new flavours

We love to explore what’s new and exciting for the festive season to bring the very best products to market. Each year, 50% of our products are existing favourites including mozzarella sticks, tempura prawns and vegetable spring rolls.

The other 50% are exciting new products with different flavours, formats and finishes. So there’s always something for everyone in our retailers’ Christmas ranges. Many of our products are award-winning with accolades from retailers and organisations like the British Frozen Food Federation alike.

Providing millions of party products

We love supporting our retailer partners through their ‘golden quarter’ of trading every year, and we’re proud to supply top retailers with the highest quality products.

We supply more than 10 million units of Christmas party products, sourced from all around the world, and have more than 70 different products on sale in UK retailers annually. When you’re working with such great partners, it really does feel like Christmas every day. 


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