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Technical Expertise

Fullers Foods Food safety and integrity standards are built around HACCP principles and are an integral part of our standards and processes with our manufacturing partners and throughout the development process.  Sites are audited regularly, often on an unannounced basis, by internal food safety experts, customers, and independent bodies for compliance with food safety standards.


We work tirelessly to stay on top of new developments, risks and challenges in a constantly changing industry. Food safety, worker welfare, environmental good practice and sustainability are at the forefront of what we do, bolstered by our position as active members of the Food Industry Intelligence Network (FIIN) and the British Frozen Food Federation (BFFF).


 - Fullers Food
 - Fullers Food

Understanding emerging risks

We’re at the forefront of researching emerging risks of food borne pathogens, thanks to our established relationship with industry expert Dr Jeff Banks. This process involves visiting sites to carry out assessments and identify risks across our full global supply base, and creating guidelines to manage these risks.

We don’t keep our findings to ourselves, though. We feed our work into our retail partners to ensure everyone we work with has the same level of knowledge regarding risks – and how to mitigate them.

Making supply chains sustainable

There would be no new food products without the people who make them. That’s why we’re always working to understand emerging risks from a human rights perspective.

We maintain and manage intelligence networks with integrity and responsible sourcing at their core, and share this knowledge with our supply base. That means we always ensure we’re supporting a more sustainable supply chain.

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Giving knowledge back 

From our early days working at a stall in Leeds Market, the local community has always been good to Fullers. So it’s important to us to give back and share our knowledge. We do this through our Giving Back programme, including cooking masterclasses which teach the basics.

We also have a food redistribution network, working with FareShare, our company shop and other local organisations. This helps us to minimise our food waste, and make sure that any surplus food is put to good use.

“I cannot thank the Fullers supply teams enough for the progress they have managed to achieve in just a few short weeks, transforming our supply routes in our own label veg. By sourcing additional stock for us, Fullers ensured that we remained at 99% in stock making a huge difference to our business.”

Product Development

Creating and making new food products is at the heart of what we do. We always stay one step ahead of trends in the food industry to ensure we’re building a pipeline of innovative new products with our suppliers, for our retail partners.

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