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We’re committed to sourcing the best products from around the world, and ensuring we maintain a continuous supply for our retail partners. With so many challenges in agronomy – from extreme weather to restrictions on irrigation, and from changes in pesticide legislation to rising costs – the way we source products has never been more important.

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 - Fullers Food

Long-term relationships

Caring for our customers is at our core, and we pride ourselves on the solid, long-term relationships we’ve built with our supplier partners over the years. 

We work collaboratively with our partners to support their needs, putting plans in place to ensure we have everything needed to access raw materials for our retailer partners, year after year. 

Tailored strategies

No two growing cycles are the same, even for products grown within the same country. Take our UK-grown peas. They’re harvested just once a year in the Scottish Borders. That means they’re picked, quickly packed and stored for up to 12 months.

Working in this way, with tailored sourcing strategies for each product, means we can source products when they’re at their very best, and support our supply partners by holding the stock for them throughout the year until it’s needed.

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Local business, global solutions

Community is at the core of what we do, meaning we’ve built long relationships with many of our suppliers and partners. We’ve been working with a family-owned, UK-based repack house for over 40 years, meaning we can quickly and easily provide solutions to all kinds of retailer problems.

From repacking a container of asparagus from China into retail packaging, to packing croissants freshly delivered from France into retail bags for customers to bake at home from frozen, our local operations ensure our global operations run smoothly.

“I cannot thank the Fullers supply teams enough for the progress they have managed to achieve in just a few short weeks, transforming our supply routes in our own label veg. By sourcing additional stock for us, Fullers ensured that we remained at 99% in stock making a huge difference to our business.”

Technical expertise

The food industry is ever-changing. And we’re at the forefront of that change, with our technical team’s industry-leading work on everything from supply chain risks to managing the impact of global warming.

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