Duty to promote success

The customer and end consumer are at the heart of the decisions the company makes, ensuring service level commitments are fulfilled, that it leads in terms of logistical innovation and evolves its supply chain to meet the needs of the ever-changing market dynamics.

The directors are committed to ensure the company is the best in terms of service levels to customers, tailoring solutions to ensure they maximise joint sales plans and are always looking for ways to lower cost to market.  Quality, availability, service and cost are the key pillars which the company focuses on.

The company has committed to ensuring all its own and customer branded products produced by its network of suppliers, are safe, meet legal requirements and are of the agreed quality.  Suppliers must also meet Customer Ethical requirements.  The Fullers Foods Manufacturing Standard comprises all requirements of BRC, customer specific manufacturing standards and codes of practice.

The company is fully committed to keeping its employees informed about their work and, where appropriate, the wider business.  This is carried out through personal briefings, meetings, emails and when remote working is undertaken, through social media platforms such as Microsoft Teams.

To ensure compliance with legislative and customer requirements the company has an environmental policy in place setting out its intentions towards the environment.  This policy demonstrates the company’s commitment to continually improving its environmental performance.  The policy includes the reduction of food waste and packaging waste.  Targets have been set for these areas and are measured annually.

The environmental policy is reviewed annually to ensure it is kept fully up to date and in line with customer and regulatory requirements.  The policy is also reviewed annually by Senior Management to ensure it is suitable, adequate and effective.

K A Smith